Rock and a Hard Place, or Why We Need More Shit Women

So we’re getting a second female prime minister.

No, this is not a feminist revolution. Neither candidate is to my taste, but we are not currently led by my party of choice, so it’s no surprise that we don’t have the same priorities, regardless of their gender.

This is not a blog post about their political strategies – I don’t know enough about either, except that I’m not keen on both, but I do suspect that Leadsom hasn’t spoken to any other actual women regarding her PR (don’t play the mother card, please Andrea. British women are far more interested in your political expertise.)

However, it is OK that May is unlikeable. It is important that Leadsom might be a liar.

We need to stop holding female politicians to a higher moral standard than male politicians. Politics is full of unlikeable, lying men; yet they still get our votes.

It’s horribly telling that both May and Leadsom are constantly compared to Thatcher. I believe that this is only in part because they are Tories. It is most definitely because we don’t have any other female PM to compare them to. We need more terrible women, more average women and of course, in hope, more brilliant women. We also need loads more difficult women, though. They are my favourite.



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