Can beauty be feminist?

Not too long ago, I was prepping for a job interview, and like many candidates before me, was floored by the killer potential question, “What is your weakness?” I asked my Dad, a very kind, supportive man who is always pushing me to be the best I can be, and who is very good at interview prep. He said, “well, one of your weaknesses is that you have very strong opinions.”

Super, thanks dad. But the point of this blog is not to muse on Freudian/Jungian theories of self-hate, or to question whether my father has been groomed by society to believe that girls should not make too much of a noise, rather to concede that yes, I do have strong opinions, and this blog is the place where they shall live.


I hope that this blog will, as well as perhaps being interest to you, Dear Reader, allow me to consider and record the tempestuous relationship between aesthetic beauty and feminism.

This blog is where I will drop videos, pictures and thoughts on the beauty industry, my personal obsession with make up, fake tan, exfoliator, expensive shampoo and nivea soft, and how all of this fits into Feminism Today.

Submissions are welcome (please see the About page) as are suggestions, and art, craft and design related to these ideas.

Until the next post,



2 thoughts on “Can beauty be feminist?

  1. I spent most of yesterday browsing blogs, and was wondering whether a feminist beauty blog existed, so am very excited to stumble across this through Twitter! Yesterday was also spent brainstorming how to incorporate my feminist/leftie views into my still quite young blog (which so far is mainly “lifestyle”-oriented, for want of a better term). Very much looking forward to following your progress, good luck with it! 🙂

    Marina ::

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